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Science Olympiad Practices Intensify Before February 25, 2023 Competition Date

January 16, 2023

By: Mrs. Tuanette Hulet

Science Olympiad practices have been going on for a few months now, but have recently picked up into full swing. This year we have one varsity team and two junior high teams. 

This is the first time we have had two teams at the junior high level, and this is giving our students lots of friendly competition with their classmates; the incentive being, anyone who works hard enough to earn a first place in an event, is allowed to attend state. If neither team as a whole makes it to state, anyone who earns a first place event qualifies and gets to compete. Unfortunately, competition rules state that schools are only allowed one team per competition level at State, so if one of our teams were to qualify as a whole, the rules would prevent the first place winners of the other team from competing, but fortunately our administration would still allow them to attend in order to reward their hard work. This has given all of our students a HUGE incentive to work hard! Our primary team is made-up from the previous year's competitors who have placed at regionals, and several first-year classmen that were willing to take the events that were left-over. Our second team is composed completely of first time students who are ready and willing to compete, but wanted to get a feel for the activity first, before they felt the extra pressure of trying to help our team earn a state bid for the fourth year in a row. Several of these students are being true team players as they are trying out events already called for by upperclassmen, in order to help fill those spots next year when they age-up. Additionally, this our first year having sixth graders compete. At present, we have 25 6th-9th graders between the two teams! We have a great group of kids working at this level on both teams, and I am very proud of them all.

High school science olympiad seems to get harder and harder each year, with most of the events now covering the equivalent of niche areas of study to upper level college content. Currently we have a team of 15 students, and this is the time where I shameless make a plea for community involvement.  Our high school team has made it to state for the last two years, and they are actively working to make this year three. When we get to the state level, they will be competing against private schools, and larger 4A and 5A schools, that all have one science teacher for every 2-5 events. Since we are a small school, all the students have to share me, so I am responsible for 46 events and so far over 60 partnerships. If there is anyone who has an area of expertise in one of the areas on this year's event list, and would be willing to mentor a team or even just come in one time to work with them for even just 30 minutes, I sure wouldn't turn down your offer! I have kids willing to come in late of an evening after someone gets off work, and kids willing to come in on a weekend. If my students are motivated to work like that, I will absolutely make sure that I am present to facilitate a meeting with them and volunteers in my classroom. (The school does require that volunteers fill out a short form for safety reasons.) I have several parents and my husband working with groups already, but we can use all the help we can get, and we are especially in need of people with aeronautical training for the airplanes we need to build, and anyone who likes to tinker with building small contraptions. If you are interested, please email me at thulet@pattonsburg.k12.mo.us or call the school at 660-367-2111!  I have listed the events for each level below, and I would be more than happy to show you the event parameters before you had to commit to helping!

The 23 events for the JH level this year are:  Anatomy & Physiology, Biological Process Lab, Bridge Building, Can't Judge a Powder (Chemistry), Codebusters (Cyphering), Crave the Wave (All Waves), Crime Busters (Forensics), Disease Detectives (Epidemiology), Dynamic Planet (Geology), Experimental Design, Fast Facts, Flight (Build a Complex Functional Airplane),  Forestry, Green Generation (Ecology), Meteorology, Road Scholar (Map Reading), Rocks and Minerals, Roller Coaster (Complex Build of Functional Marble Roller Coaster for Variable Times), Solar System, Sounds of Music (Building Functional On-Key Musical Instruments), Storm the Castle (Build a Functionally Accurate for Variable Distance Trebuchet), Wheeled Vehicle (Build a Vehicle that Stops on a Dime For Variable Distances), and Write It/Do it.

The 23 events for the HS level this year are:  Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Bridge Building, Cell Biology, Chemistry Lab, Codebusters, Detector Building (Build Mass/Force Sensing Device), Disease detectives, Dynamic Planet, Environmental Chemistry, Experimental Design, Fermi Questions (Large Number Quantities; Scientific Notation), Flight (Build a Complex Functional Airplane), Forensics, Forestry, Green Generation, It's About Time (Build Non-Electrical Device that Triggers a Single Signal to Occur Three Times at Equal Intervals), Remote Sensing (Remote Sensing Imagery, Data, and Computational Process Skills specific to Climate Change), Rocks and Minerals, Scrambler (Build a Vehicle that Stops on a Dime For Variable Distance in Front of a Wall without Breaking the Egg in Front of It), Trajectory (Functionally Accurate Trebuchet for Variable Distance), WiFi Lab (Build a Functional Wifi Antenna), Write It/Do It

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